Limited Brands Access Login

Video demonstration and instructions on how to use the Limited Brands Access Login:

How to Log in:

1. The first step of logging into the Limited Brands Access is being in the right place. That right place is linked here: You can either click on the link, or, if it doesn't work, you can also copy and paste the exact text into your web browser.
2. On this page you will probably see something familiar, the two-step login process. Get started by typing your User ID into the User ID section.
3. As you might expect, type your password into the password box just below the User ID box.
4. When you have this all typed in, you can hit enter on your keyboard, or just move your mouse keyboard to the submit button. Clicking on this will complete the login process. If you had no problems, you will already be logged in. If you want to change your password, or need to change your password for any reason, refer to the steps below.


How to Reset your Password:

1. Stay on the login page linked above. This page has exactly what you need to get your password reset. Move your mouse pointer to the link in brackets that says "forgot your user ID or Password?"
2. Once you find this link, click on it, and then ignore the confusing and unnecessary jumble of instructions on the top of the page that shows up next.
3. Enter in your user ID into the top text box.
4. Type the last six digits of your SSN into the next box below the top one.
5. Enter your date of birth into the three boxes that are set side-by-side.
6. Last, use the two boxes at the bottom of the secction to create a new password and then type it in again to make sure it is accurate. Press the submit button and you should be ready to go.

Contacting Limited Brands Access:

1. Write to: Limited Brands, Inc. World Headquarters
Three Limited Parkway
Columbus, OH 43230
2. Call at: 614-415-7000